Data is the new oil. The companies that will win are using math1. What we do with all of the data we generate will shape our future2 .

Anything that can be tracked will be tracked3 . In a connected world, where consumer data is the oxygen that breathes life into Living Services, digital trust is more important than ever2 . Without audience trust we don’t have an audience4 .

It’s not just about technology, it’s about making our lives better rethinking everything we’re making5 . It’s not all about algorithms; it’s about the relationship with the reader: Right user, right moment and right time6 . Personalized segmentation should be in real time because behavior is always changing7 .

The difference between data and insights is empathy. Data alone is dangerous. Data and empathy is powerful8 . Empathy isn’t just listening; it’s asking the questions whose answers need to be listened to9 . Empathy and human connection are the new superpowers for building a large audience10 . Measurement and ROI are important but you can’t measure what’s priceless11 . It’s hard to measure an experience, but it’s what matters most to consumers12 .

With VR, we’ll move from the Internet providing information to it providing experiences. VR will be the most social of social media3 . The challenge is to hide tech. Make tech invisible for the audience13 .

Change only happens when you stop talking about people and start talking about people’s lives. Traditional media companies show us the ideal image. New media companies show us the authentic one14 . Create a framework for a conversation15 .

The key of everything in social media is authenticity16 . Brands are what other people say when they hear the name of your company17 . Be honest and don’t speak in bullshit18 . A consumer constructs a brand as a bird constructs a nest -from small scraps collected here and there19 . Listen more than you speak. Act more than you plan20 .

Be part of culture, don’t try to own it. To participate in culture, find your niche21 . Culture is everything. Culture is the brand. The brand must be protected. Culture eats strategy for breakfast1 .

The best brands don’t predict what is cool they dictate what is cool1 . This idea of trying to follow the user instead of the industry is something that has worked very well for us17 . As brands we’re fighting for attention, and identifying relevant passion points is key22 . Don’t look for trends, but waves: secular changes happening so strongly, you must either ride them or get swept up by them23 .

Don’t communicate to fill space, communicate because you have something to say24 . If you can’t improve on silence you shouldn’t say anything at all25 . Consumers don’t want to be marketed TO, they want to be engaged WITH26 . In a deep breath, 1 million moments are shared in Facebook and Instagram. Things are best when they’re shared27 .

We all have a story to tell6 . When we deny our story, it defines us. When we own our story, we get to write the ending28 . Story is a technology. Our brains are wired for stories. Our brains are set up to learn from stories. People forget what you said. People forget what you did, but people don’t forget how they feel29 . Every great brand is like a great story – they all have a beginning, middle and end. Each product is like a chapter; we need to make sure they all flow together1 . Build a brand that can evolve & live anywhere30 . Why not go to where people are? We’ve done it, and in doing that we’ve built this power of an audience that crosses these different platform10 . Every platform plays a role in the story6 . Creating brands that people love and creating advertising that doesn’t suck4 .

Advertising isn’t dead. It’s more important than ever in building business31 . Don’t build a culture of sameness32 . Do something that provides me with value. Advertising should be a service at the end of the day33 . Maximizing profit doesn’t always result in the best thing for the user. Beneficent companies accept the long game23 .

It’s not about the destination. It’s about direction, the way we work building a consciousness collectively. You are not an expert on everyting15 . If you get the right people on the bus, you can drive the bus anywhere34 . Out-think limitations35 . What you do in the dark is what puts you in the light1 .

Companies must design and innovate for their most important asset: Employees2 . Collaboration is a trigger to go big36 . Feed your mind37 . People want to innovate, but they are trapped in meetings38 . If you have no tolerance for failure, you will not create anything new28 . Our cultural focus: Enable people who want to create, giving them permission to fail. Not just doing what we’re asking you to do15 . Vulnerability is not weakness. Vulnerability is the most accurate measurement of courage28 . It’s not the failures that kill you as a business. It’s the successes. Changing when things are good is incredibly hard39 . We need to find a way to step back a little bit to see things more clearly. Happiness isn’t outside ourselves or in the future, it’s here and now25 .

We are not a company. We are a movement40 . We love the future, but we still live in the present41 . The future doesn’t just happen42 . The greatest products of the next 20 years haven’t been invented yet3. In the future, everything is moving43 . Keep moving and don’t leave the line44 . Go for big ideas. Ones that make you say, ‘If I don’t go for it, who will?’ That’s the exciting stuff. Scary, important23 . If starting a business is taking a flying leap off a cliff, why play it safe in the day to day?45 . We need to believe in the impossible more often3 .

I’m not saying we are willing to do it. I am saying we are doing it!46 .

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